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7th Anniversary of Milonga Lunes at Xperience!!!

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Thank you for your long term support, my friends and dear fans of Milonga Lunes at Xperience !!!! Special thanks go to my co-partners, The Team of Xperience, Ken & Vincent!!!
Always in our hearts with gratitude for all those who helped to build up our group: SC Lee, the DJs: Anthony Wong, Oskar Tang, Cristal Law, Jiao Tong, Oli Li, Hons Wong , Colin Startup & Nguyen Bao Anh …. and DJs from overseas..Frank Jin, Karin Betz, Huizhen Huang and all those I have forgotten the names….in case…
Of course, the beautiful performances the maestros made at Xperience in the last 7+ years (Milonga Lunes for 7 years and a few months at the beginning on Sunday afternoons… ), we shall always remember and treasure.
Big thanks go to :
Joe san 本間正行 & Takami Sato, Alejandro Alberto Hermida with partners, Ayelen Quiroga, Nayla Vacca, Paula Ballesteros, Milena Plebs with David Alejandro Palo, Costa Nelson Pinto, plus Alejandro Desire Tango!!! Muchas gracias, maestros!!!
For the live music performances, big applauses to Eduardo Tami, Christophe Delerce, Chuck-jee Chau with Giselle Tsang, Connie Chan, Connie Luk, Ariel Lee, & Cherry Szeto; Andrew Birkun, Vincent Tsai and the great singer, Hector Raggio!
Last but not least, to Directors TangoTang, all dancers and tango lovers in Hong Kong, thank you for coming and your supports. Without you, we will have no Milonga on Mondays!!!
Wish you a very happy Milonga at Xperience. Look forward to seeing you on our 7th Anniversary Milonga on 8th September!!!


Written by H K Tango Studies

August 30, 2014 at 2:00 pm

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